I pull out this black dress one of a kind oldie but goodies Beulah Cooley creation, was a huge hit I need it in a winter white Dr. Kim. November 16, 2019.
Hi Beulah, I can't wait to get to my Mary Kay Seminar and walk across the  stage in my Beulah Cooley Collection Couture Gown, i am so excited and I just love it, it is absolutely gorgeous, my Director want you to make her Gown next year. Lin Alexander. July 2019.
Hello Beulah Cooley, Everyone loves my suit😘 and so did I, Can't wait for the next one, Thank you so much. Pastor Peggy McIntosh. October 20, 2019.
Dr. Kim logan-Nowlin looking Simply Spectacular in a royal blue two piece ensemble, by Beulah Cooley Collection. Christmas party December 2015, 
Dr. Kim modeling for the amazing Beulah Cooley Design's Fall Fashion Show in Detroit, MI. I am so proud to have her design my own one of a kind collection. This is one of many pieces. I am heading in another new ministry. Thank you Jesus as she make room for her gift. Dr. Kim L. Nowlin October 2015.
Thank you Mrs. Cooley for creation the right designs for me as a Breast Cancer Survivor. Kim L. Nowin. November 2018.
Good morning  Mrs. Cooley just wanted you to know your dress was a BIG hit, I pray all goes well with your AKA Fashion Show this weekend, with your gifted hand, 😍 an honor to wear Beulah Cooley Collection. Crystal White. September 9, 2019

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  Alfreda Upshaw
Thursday, May 7, 2009
Dear Beaulah,
I wore my natural Burlap Collot Suit with a red, heavy satin, collard blouse, a wide brim crownless hat (same color as my suit) and red peek toed suade shoes. The 135th Kentucky Derby attendees took note. I received many compliments and was the subject of many pictures.
You were well represented.
Thank you and LOL,
Alfreda Upshaw
  kelly campbell
Saturday, May 2, 2009
i like all of your things you made and i cant wait too see more of ur things    

                                     Kelly Campbell
  Ms. Shandra Moore
Thursday, April 30, 2009

All I can say about the Beulah Cooley Collection is WOW!!! I have worn designs by Beulah Cooley since I was 7 years old and I am now 28 years old. My first dress was a beautiful black and white balloon dress for Easter. It was on of my favorite dresses as a child. She has also made my beautiful prom, and pageant dresses. I am looking forward to the day when she designs my Beulah Cooley Original wedding gown. Mrs. Cooley is a great designer with a great personality, and a unique style!!! Keep up the good work Mrs. Cooley!!! The BEST is yet to come!!! Be blessed!